Of the

Wolf Spirit

palm to palm

palm to paw

paw to earth

earth to root

root to trunk

trunk to branch

branch to sky

twig to wing

wing to petal

petal to wind

wind to breath

breath to life

life to body

body to earth

earth into body

body receives life

life as breath

breath exhales wind

wind touches petal

petal offers wing

wing embraces branch

branch reaches trunk

trunk connects root

root feeds earth

earth kisses paw

paw touches palm

palm holds palm

this is the circle

no beginning

no end



Spiritual Meaning Wolf

Wolf Spirit breathes Telepathic Communication, Pathfinder, Intuition, Untamed Spirit, Guardian of the spirit realm, Ritualistic, Spirit Guide Teacher, ( Gray Wolf ) Loyalty, Spiritual Warrior, The six senses, Stamina, Family, Body Language, Faithful, Companionship, Discipline.
Spiritual Symbolism Wolf Animal Spirit

The Black Wolf Spirit in his essence is a spiritual guide, teaching from spirit or physically ( Black Wolf ) through the observation of the wolf. Red Wolf spirit has a powerful sense of diplomacy and the laws of nature ( Red Wolf ). White Wolf knows the secrets of unity, love and what may be accomplished by the gathering of the pack. Spiritual messengers attuned to universal energy. The grey Wolf is the teacher of children showing the ways of natural magic law. By baying at the moon the Wolf communicates to the heavens and gains insight into the near future. Wolf is thespiritual friend to the Raven. Wolf holds the key to the great love affair and affection of those around him.

Totem Animal / Spirit Guide Wolf

Having Wolf as our spirit guide reminds us to do the inner work on ourselves, be our own greatest teacher. Wolf spirit animal holds a strong sense of family and will be faithful until the very end. Wolf enables us to gather our inner strength provoking controlled aggression and a will to achieve. Allow Wolf to guide you in the whispers of your dreams. Wolf spirit animal traits are knowledgeable and seek to share their wisdom with others for the benefit of the community. Wolf spirit animal people have a sharp intelligence quick wit and robust set of instincts.
Mythology from around the world

The Celts praised the Wolf the great Fenrir, as symbolic of strength and victory. The Celts often depicted the Wolf in Artworks and fables chasing the sun and moon. In Alaska there is a belief that men took on the form of the wolf, and are considered kindred spirit. The Navajo Native American Indians had a fear that Witches ( Mai-cob wolf spirit animal name) would possess the wolf for disguise with evil purposes.

In Japan if someone kills a wolf for whatever reason, that man or woman and his family had good reason to fear heavenly retribution.The Japanese once worshipped the Wolf ( Ookami ) making talismans and charms to protect their crops from fire and disease. The Ainu people of Japan believe they were descendents born of the union between a Wolf creature and a Nature Goddess.

The Egyptians believed the Wolf was the opener of the door to death and the underworld. It was also seen as the symbol of war and a spirit guide to the Egyptian army to clear their way and scout for the best route to move forward.
How do you know if Wolf is needed in your life or is your totem animal ?

The Wolf Spirit will usually find you, not the other way around. Wolf animal spirit may come to you in your dreams, asking you to study him and understand his spiritual wisdom, so you to may use his medicine in your own life. Perhaps just stumbling upon Wolf today through this article, is his way of showing up in your life. Having an attraction a passion and sensing a connection with Wolf. Being advised so by a shaman or psychic reader.



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