The Spirit of 
the Black Jaguar 

to the times of change 
that we are now living in.

According to the elders, 
human beings always have a choice between 
the path of competition and the path of cooperation. 

Metaphysical Meaning Panther Totem Animal 

Panther is the astral travel master a true shape-shifter, Spiritual, Secretive, Silent, Elegant, Valor, Connected to the Moon, Solitary, Feminine, Ancient Mysticism, The Crone ( Old wise woman ), Guardian Energy, Power and Strength, God of darkness, Courage, Old Soul, Reclamation of power, Superior telepathic communication, Loners, Visionary, Shape shifter, Sensuality, Distant Healing, No Fear, Alchemy, The Goddess, Self empowerment, Symbol of the shaman.

Spiritual Meaning Of Black Panther 

Panther spirit animal augers a time of awakening and uplifting the inner passions which drive our own personal life force. Panther energy medicine amplifies all the senses and redirects our psychic spiritual energy, to create a highly focused manifestation, seen by others as personal power and magic. Panther spirit symbolizes settling into your own self, being comfortable with yourself bringing forth great personal power. Panther is a power animal and allows us to recognize our own personal sense of purpose in life, and develop a strong spiritual understanding of why you are here.

A Black Panther maybe smaller than lions and tigers but are the mightier aggressors with superior talent. Panther animal spirit asks us to look deep into our dark feminine side, our fears, secrets and subconscious. If we learn to become comfortable with our dark side, it will bring healing light to the hidden sides of ourselves. The path of the hero is undertaken by the panther spirit.
Totem Animal Black Panther

Black Panther spirit guide people encourage others positively through their own zest for life and quest for realizing ones dreams and desires. Panther reminds us to release our fears acknowledge our own power and accept our dark shadow selves. Panther helps in honoring ones own feelings. Panther spirit people have contained in them, the knowledge of the cosmos and other worlds, communicating with beings on an astral level.

Out of body experiences accompany panther as your spirit guide, her medicine is extremely powerful, magically transferring this to you, allowing a state in which astral travel is not only achievable, but controllable too. Panther spirit people have a healing element behind the look in their eyes, giving way to telepathic healing. On the other hand a panthers stare is transfixing, slightly hypnotic and will instill the fear of death inside of the one looking back at her. Panther spirit people are often prophets and healers with universal insight.
Mythology from around the world

Native American Indians the Tucano of the amazon, thought the roar of the panther was the roar of thunder. Symbolizing black panther as the god of darkness causing eclipses by swallowing the sun. In Egyptian mythology the panther is connected with the Crone of the crossroads, Hecate. In China Panthers were embroidered on the robes of Generals in the belief that the Panther’s valor and ferocity would be passed on to the wearer.

Within the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the king Pepi must pass through the ceiling of heaven wearing his panther skin. Draping the skin across his shoulders symbolized he had eliminated his desires for the earthly realm and its materialistic energy.
How do you know if Panther is needed in your life or is your spirit guide ?

If you feel as though you need to protect someone in your life at the moment, panther spirit is lurking, offering her assistance. Having Panther spirit animal come to you in your dreams is a strong message that she wishes you to observe her medicine.

Nightmares or frightening dreams of panther is not negative it simply means you are not accepting nor seeing clearly your true self. Being passionate about panthers is a sign you have a connection with her. Being given unknowingly a picture or ornament of panther is a sign of her presence and a spiritual message to study her magic.

The healing of the earth 
depends on the healing of humanity 
and will only become possible 
as we return to a relationship 
of cooperation with 
all of life. 

Unconditional Love Is an Economic Issue 

In the old days, 
here was no money, 
and so the lack of money 
didn’t make anybody poor. 

Now it is different. 
Economic power is based on money. 
A long time ago 
there was the practice of barter 
that allowed for the possibility 
of showing reciprocity from the heart. 

To be grateful and help those 
who help you was not a condition 
but something born from the heart. 
Paying a fee can easily leave the heart aside, 
as the payment is just about fulfilling an obligation. 

On the other hand, 
taking the time to choose something 
to give to another as an act of reciprocity 
and gratitude is always an action of the heart.

 The way we generate our economy is strongly correlated to the spiritual quality of the world we are creating. Our economy can be generated from the heart, opening the possibility for a culture of the heart to be developed in the world. Now that there is money and the custom of putting a price on goods and services, some Indigenous people feel forced to be extremely careful. 

It is very difficult to live in two different worlds at the same time; 
it makes us feel like we are suffering from multiple personalities – 
and it is easy to make mistakes. 

Which is the voice to follow when they are both so loud? 
One voice says to go with the ruling system and sell what you can, 
even your traditions and your spiritual gifts, 
so you can have more money. 

Another voice says that some things are not for sale 
and keeping our integrity has no price. 

The ways that we inherited from our Indigenous ancestors 
are becoming mixed with the rules of marketing. 
Now, we have to be very careful because the best 
that we have to share with the world 
is the way of the heart. 

We could lose ourselves 
if we embark on a competition for getting “clients.” 

Our ancestors did not have clients; 
they had relatives whom they helped unconditionally, 
trusting that they understood the need for reciprocity. 

How do we deal with people 
who do not understand the refined ways of reciprocity? 
Do we become like them or patiently wait for them to learn? 

I personally believe that it is our task 
to give a good example of how strong our will can be 
when we decide that our love for the people 
and the Great Sacred Power is unconditional. 

We need to trust in that which we want others to trust: 
that the Great Sacred Power will always give us what we need. 

Nowadays, people from different cultural and racial backgrounds 
are approaching our villages and our ceremonies, 
looking for healing and for a place to remember themselves. 

The permanent growth of the tourism industry in Peru, 
for example, is happening in part because of foreigners in search of a mystical experience. 

In truth, this is good news; 
however, it gives us a lot of responsibility 
as it brings us the temptation of using this situation to become less poor, 
and maybe rich. 

I have witnessed 
so many times to what happens in Indigenous sacred ceremonies. 

When the Cosmic Mother feels touched by a sacred fire 
lit by the humans, she responds with contentment and generosity. 

Magic happens after the fire is lit and the offerings and petitions have been made. 
She and her powerful creatures give us rain, good harvests, knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, vision, joy in the heart and healing power. 

These gifts are emanations from her sacred womb, 
generously given to us humans so that through us they may continue their course. 
They are not meant to be captured by us and become our possessions. 

They are a gift from Her to us and not really our belongings. 
How can someone sell what is not theirs? 
They were given to us so they could go 
through us and continue on their way, 
nourishing all that is hungry and healing all that is sick. 

Therefore, it is delicate for an Indigenous healer, instructor, or ceremonial leader 
to put a monetary value on these spiritual gifts that are meant to be given to those who need them. These gifts are for the well-being of everybody and not for personal profit or personal greatness.

Ceremonies and spiritual powers cannot be put up for sale 
because no one can be the owner of Spirit, 
which is love and freedom in its essence. 

The understanding of the Elders 
of more than one tribe is 
that if someone decides to put them up for sale, 
these spiritual goods would have to lose 
their essence of love and freedom 
and become something else. 

This something else, 
even when it may be useful, 
doesn’t have the same power of the original gift given by Spirit. 

Based on what I have been able to see with my own eyes, 
I believe that what today is called shamanism has some of the wisdom of the Indigenous peoples, 
but it also has a lot of the influence of marketing. 

With all my heart, I wish my brothers and sisters who work for Spirit, 
serving the people, never suffer from lack in their lives and always have 
what they need to provide for their families. 

I just want to share what Spirit has shown me many times: 
spiritual laws and the laws of marketing do not combine well. 

When they are combined, 
the consequence is a degeneration of the powerful rituals 
that our ancestors passed on to us. 

The main requirement so that our rituals work and are preserved in their full integrity is 
that they be unconditional, with the heart commanding, full of generosity and compassion. 

When the service is unconditional, the Great Sacred Power shows up. 
This power is the source of the healing and blessings that the people receive. 

Then, it is up to the people to decide how they want to show reciprocity, 
both to the ones who perform the ritual and to the Sacred Powers. 

In the way of the #Lakota people, as in many Indigenous tribes,
 those who receive favor from a ceremony later sponsor a gratitude ceremony 
to feed the spirits and the people who worked on their behalf. 

This they do from their heart, 
and what they give, large or small, is what they wish to give and not an obligation. 

Loving without conditions is an economic issue. 
All of us, Indigenous and non-Indigenous, 
who have something to offer humanity so the heart comes back 
to economic practices should do it with full passion and enthusiasm, 
because it is something the world really needs. 

When human societies are truly walking a good path, 
their spiritual life and their economic system match. 

When they don’t match, then something needs to be checked. 
Good prayers should be followed by good actions that truly serve the well-being of all life and not just our own or that of our family or of those who belong to our church or to our country. 

All the practices of unconditional reciprocity and generosity 
that have been mentioned are both economic and spiritual practices. 

They have the power to connect and blend our spiritual and material aspects, 
with our heart shining in the middle. 

None of us want more wars. 
Because I do not want my children and all the other children 
to experience the atrocities of war in their lifetime, 

I insist on saying, 
with the loudest voice, 
that the unconditional love we so often speak about
 has to be reflected in the way we run our economy. 

We all need to be genuinely willing to do 
our give away and participate in the generous circulation of vital energy – 
or money if you want to see it that way – 
around the planet and for the well-being of all life. 

Far from being a romantic idea, 
this issue, from my point of view, 
is a matter of life or death for 
future generations.

In order to do this we first need to return to ourselves, 
remembering our original, inherent wisdom. 
Indigenous people believe that we humans have all the necessary talents to be caretakers of Mother Earth. 

The Time of the Black Jaguar 

Text: Arkan Lushwala

"How many times in the previous centuries

 has the end of the world arrived for hundreds of Indigenous nations? 

How many times have our ancestors 
had to rebirth from the ashes of their destroyed worlds? 

Those were difficult moments when we learned to pray and to ask for help so that our people might continue living. In such painful situations,we rediscovered the power of our ceremonies 
and their capacity to connect us to the source of our wellbeing, peace, understanding and health. 
No matter how difficult times were for the survivors of a wave of destruction, they always had the opportunity to get their happiness back; they used the power of ceremony, their connection with Spirit, and the simple truth of the heart. 
Indigenous peoples, as well as others around the world who saw their homes fall to the ground, know how important it is to ask for help from the sacred powers and how precious it is to know that we are truly being heard. "

Jaguar Symbolism In Mayan Culture

The Mayan Jaguar God, Balam (Bah-Iahm). Worshipped and revered for its power and grace the Mayan people thought of the Jaguar as a gold token God. The Maya feared the Jaguar not for any evilness but for its sheer amount of personal and physical power. Mayan Kings such as Chibil Kin made the Jaguar their symbol of power, wearing belts of Jaguar and marking her on shields and totems. 
The God Kinich Ahau (roughly translates to Sun Face) the one who brings life to all on earth had a great connection with the Jaguar. At night to visit the underworld and fetch information and data from beyond the veil Kinich Ahau would shape shift into a Jaguar. Jaguars represent shape shifters and transformation beings used in Mesoamerican rituals and dances. The medicine people or shamans of Maya were called Jaguar Priests and performed such duties as healing, exorcism, astral travel and shape shifting.

Spiritual Meaning Of Jaguar

Power and duality are the symbols of the Jaguar animal totem. Having the wisdom and control to own such a power as Jaguar medicine takes strength and humility to stay grounded and real.
Powerful magic dwellers of the night the solitary Jaguar is able to travel through the underworld.  Journeying through the sub-conscious exploring the shadow self. Strongly associated with the moon and her cycles Jaguar thrives on moonlight and the energy she reflects from the cosmos. Keeping Jaguar in tune with earth and her movements.
Visions and dream quests for knowledge entertain the night sleep of the one who uses Jaguar Medicine. Deep within her, the Jaguar instinctively applies her psychic power to situations where all is not seen by the physical eyes. The Jaguar is a true shaman, some believing she is human, choosing to remain in the form of a cat. To stay hidden as a god.

Jaguar Totem Animal Meaning

Jaguar animal spirit embodies the element of earth and the attributes of power and challenge. Utilising magical gifts the jaguar animal spirit guides those on the path of magik and enchantment.
Jaguar is a symbol of wanting life and fertility, making a strong feminine energy, a mother, a goddess. Protective to the very end the Jaguar has a strong sense of family and friends and looks after those within her clan.

Jaguar Meaning In Dreams

Being calm grounded and settled in ones emotions and ego is the challenge with those of the Jaguar spirit animal clan. Dreaming of Jaguar has just that meaning, to watch over yourself and your own behaviour. 
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