A Prophecy Of Our Time 

Every five hundred years there is an era called a Pachakuti; 
the Fourth Pachakuti started in the 1490’s, 
and the Fifth began in the 1990’s. 

This timeline is significant, as Christopher Columbus opened the world of the West to the “civilized” world in 1492, and in 1990 we began a time of universal communication as never before, an interest by people from the industrial nations in indigenous teachings and an opening by indigenous people to a sharing of their knowledge. 

The Eagle and Condor legend 

most likely comes from the Amazon and dates back more than 2000 years, although we can not know for certain when and where the story originates. We have found versions of it in the Andes, through Central America, and have seen its influence on the Maya, the Aztec, the Hopi, and the Navajo. The prophecy serves as a way of classifying and understanding changes in the world, from north to south and from east to west.

It is an explanation of the two different paths that the human race has taken throughout history.

These two paths have diverged time and time again, but the prophecy states that the time is here when the two paths will potentially conjoin to become

The Two Paths

This prophecy says that deep in the mists of history, human societies decided to take two routes and become two different people: the Eagle people and the Condor people. 

The Eagle people are typically mind-oriented, industrial and related to masculine energy, often indentified with science and technology. They have been the explorers, the colonists, and the aggressors in the records of history. 

The Condor people are intuitive, creative, feeling, and related more to feminine energy. Indigenous people have usually identified with this path, as they prioritize the heart above the brain, and mysticism over rationalism in their cultures. 

The prophecy says that for many years these two paths would not cross at all. Then, in the Fourth Pachakuti, they would come together and the Eagle would be so strong as to practically drive the Condor into extinction—but not quite. 

And we know that, following Columbus, this is what happened on many continents. However, the Fifth Pachakuti would create a portal for the Eagle and Condor to fly together in one sky, to mate and create a new offspring: higher human consciousness. Some say that this offspring is represented by the quetzal of Central America, the Mayan bird that is the symbol of bringing together the heart and mind, art and science, male and female. The reality of this new progeny is being realized, in workshops, books, and teachings all over the planet

Community And The Individual 

We then understand that we are in the process of demolishing the Earth and we recognize the impact of our actions. The Condor is telling us, with its great intuitive sense,
 “Yes, we are creating a nightmare now."

It’s important to recognize that throughout history the wisdom leaders— whom we might call the shamans, the shapeshifters—have taught that the personal and communal are interdependent. 

In recent times, in Western cultures and what we can refer to as the Eagle cultures, we’ve emphasized the personal often at the expense of the communal. Our pursuit of self-interests has wreaked havoc on the global community that we all share. 

This prophecy brings together the individual and the community. 
Thus, we can look at the Eagle and the Condor as two individual birds or two individual people that come together. We can see them as uniting on a personal basis and moving forward into a joined life as a family or as partners in the workplace. 

We can also see them as part of this greater community that has two sides, bringing together the side that understands the science of the world, the technologies, industries, and innovations, with the side that understands the human soul, our connection to nature and the Earth herself, and, through this, know what we must do to move to a healthy, 
peaceful way of living. 

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